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  The project will be started to arrange as soon as order accepted, according to the requirements for date of delivery, and the manufacture will work out the time of completion of each operation. Production department will arrange the right person to follow and inspect each order, then workshop production report the percentage of completion to workshop manager regularly, after that the workshop manager will report the situation to production department. The person in direct responsibility is Sun Lin, the minister of production.
  Asset department is responsible for daily management and maintenance of the equipments and device. Book account system is carried out in management. The asset department of company is responsible for the maintenance and management for equipments and facilities, and compiled Equipment Management System, Equipment Maintenance System on Level3, Lifting Equipment Management Regulation and other documents. Perfect system, management formal and dynamic management implemented to the list of equipment make the management normalization and standardized and improve the level of management constantly. Meanwhile, asset department is also responsible for the formulation and implementation of the plan for equipments repaired and maintained. According to the plan, make the running, repairing and maintenance records regularly. The detail process is implemented on operators and the record should have completed contents and accurate data to make sure the equipments applied in good condition and the equipment accuracy conforming to standard requirements.
  The confirmation for quality of producing process is according to Inspection Standard for Producing Process, and Operation Guide. Level3 management system is implemented and quality is confirmed step by step. The producing process and completion quality are confirmed through the methods of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection. Delivery an acceptance certificate after delivery-check qualified.
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